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iJaak HappyTimes - Sun/Snow Goggles

Image of iJaak HappyTimes - Sun/Snow Goggles


These Stylish Glasses are inspired by Inuit or eskimo snow goggles (ijaaks or igaaks). Possibly the very first sunglasses ever created required for cutting out glare from both the sky and settled snow they enabled hunters to see their prey on the horizon.

Remarkably you can see more than you would expect through such a narrow slit.

Suitable for Festivals during Summer, playing Poker and many other fun activities.

These hand painted sunglasses are brightly coloured and come in a range of different designs.

Note: These are hand-made sunglasses that have been painted and cut in the style of eskimo-slit glasses. As such, there may be some minor imperfections in their design - but they're still awesome.

These goggles may impair your vision. Do not wear whilst driving, cycling, operating machinery or any other activity which requires the full use of your visionary senses.